“Perseverance, competitiveness and resilience”

It is a student organization at UTEC, Peru. We do activities related to competitive programming. We have two types of training:

  • Beginner training. Here we assume a minimal experience with programming and we assume zero knowledge of competitive programming.

  • Advanced training. Here we assume that you have taken the beginner training or you have experience in competitive programming.

The beginner training is open to all student at UTEC with the will to learn about competitive programming.

The advanced training is just for the official members of the organization. You can join us taking the entrance contest. Just register in this form to take the contest on september 11, 4-7pm.

Moreover, you can find a collection of images of some previous actividades.

Study material

The material developed by CPC UTEC in its activities can be found in this repository and in this page.


  • Introduction
  • Complete Search
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Game Theory
  • Graph Theory

Graph Theory

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